American artist The Mazeking 飛龍 (Gabriel) is known for creating colorful, bold, and provocative artworks. He officially began making art in 1998 and started painting, creating various works, ranging from oil on canvas to acrylic on paper. The majority of his work is done in themed series, sometimes taking months or even a year to complete. In 2002, Asoka had his first solo exhibition in Los Angeles at The O’Melveny Gallery. His love of life, and passion for exploration springs forth in his works of art. Three themes flow throughout his work, Spirit, Sex and Philosophy, what Asoka calls his “Three Keys”. When asked about his subject matter “I have always been deeply drawn to the esoteric (spirit), philosophic and the sexual. Which are all one thing to me”. Inspired by everything from daily encounters to dreams, he explores these ideas and concepts offering us a richer and more engaging perspective. Asoka also utilizes colors, shapes and forms as symbols to convey a mood and meaning in his works. “I’ve used symbols in all my work, sometimes it’s the color of something, other times a shape or form, to represent an aspect of something, states of mind or experiences. It’s something that arose in my life and work over time and became part of my process”. Asoka places no labels or categories upon his work. He does not see art in classifications or categories, such as abstract or representational, stating “Everything is abstract in a way and representational in another way, it’s all perception”. Over the years, his artworks have been collected by private collectors and can be seen in exhibitions around the world. The Mazeking currently lives and works in New York City. 



Columbia College • Masters of Art

Yale University (Summer Program) •Art

University of Maryland • Bachelors of Art

University of London (NYU Exchange Program) • Cinema

Peabody Preparatory of Music • Theory & Composition

St. Johns College • Philosophy

CCB • Science